Electronic Lien & Title

The Electronic Lien and Title Program is a method by which the Louisiana OMV and lending institutions (lienholders) can exchange vehicle and title information electronically. The LA OMV transmits essential identifying information electronically to the lienholder which eliminates the need to print and mail paper titles. Once the loan has been satisfied, the lienholder sends an electronic message releasing the title at which point the DMV prints and mails a paper title to the vehicle owner.

This process eliminates most of the paper handling involved in the vehicle titling process. Both the lending organizations and the OMV benefit from lower costs associated with processing, mailing, filing and retrieving paper titles.

How does this work?

Very simple:

  1. The lender provides LA OMV a title application (LA Form DPSMV 1799 “Vehicle Application” sometimes called the VEH Application) with accompanying documentation. This can be handed in at an OMV office or through an authorized public tag agent. (Or an application for lien is handled by a dealer.)
  2. The OMV records the lien and sends DDI an electronic message with similar titling information as appears on a paper form. This information includes a description of the vehicle and the name and address of the vehicle owner.
  3. DDI receives the message from LA OMV, formats it, and makes it available to the lender in Premier eTitleLien™.
  4. The lender works with Premier eTitleLien™ to validate the lien information.
  5. Once the loan is satisfied, the lender uses Premier eTitleLien™ to release the lien.
  6. The Louisiana OMV then mails a clear title (no lien) to the vehicle owner.

The Louisiana ELT program also has provisions for requesting paper titles (with lien) and perfoming research on titles (a title inquiry). Premier eTitleLien™ supports these features, making them as simple and foolproof as possible, and supplements them with additional tools including preparing the VEH Application.