Prepared Notarial Documents

Commissioned notaries providing you with expert notary services.

Complete/Prepared Notarial Documents

As commissioned notaries, we will provide you with expert notary services.  Our flexible schedule includes evenings and weekends. Services include the drafting, preparation, and notarization of documents or our services may be “notarization only”.

Special Note:  Notaries are not Attorneys and therefore do not give legal advice outside the realm of their notarial powers and duties.


  • Bill of Sale of Movable
  • General Agreement
  • Lease: Residence,
  • Equipment, Etc.
  • Purchase Agreement


  • Corporation Filings
  • Partnership Filings
  • Power of Attorney
  • Trade Name Affidavit
  • Employment Agreement


  • Emancipation of Minor
  • Parental Medical Consent
  • Provisional Custody


  • Bill of Sale
  • Act of Donation
  • Complete Title Transfer
  • Louisiana License Plates


  • Declaration of Separate Property
  • Marriage Agreement
  • Partition of Property

Estate Planning

  • Codicil
  • Living Will (Declaration)
  • Simple Will

Real Estate

  • Act of Donation
  • Act of Cash Sale
  • Purchase Agreement

General Notarization

  • Affidavit of Fact
  • Acknowledgement
  • True Copies
  • Paternity Affidavit

Last Will and Testaments

Do I need a will if I have a power of attorney?  Yes, your Power of Attorney dies when you do therefore every Louisiana citizen needs a Last Will and Testament.

If we’re married can we do our will as one document? No, Louisiana is one of the states that require a separate Last Will and Testament for each spouse.

Do I have to leave my children something in my will?  No, By state statute, only children who have not reached the age of 24 or any aged child of the decedent who is permanently incapacitated shall receive a set proportion of your estate.

Are Last Will and Testaments only prepared by attorneys.  No, there are two forms of Wills in Louisiana.  The first form is a Notarial Wills which are prepared by notaries and attorneys; the second is an Olographic Wills, that must be handwritten by the Testator or Testatrix.  This form may not notarized nor witnessed.

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